Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hiragana practice game prototype

You can download this small game prototype of mine. I created it because I needed something to get used to reading furiganas faster. In time I want to use for anything that requires rote memorisation and that can be typed (hiraganas, katakanas, vocabulary, kanji, etc...)

This is NOT for learning hiraganas, but for increasing your recognition and reading speed. It works really well for me, I can feel the difference after only 10 minutes :)

How to use

Very simple. Just launch it. A character moves along a line. Type the characters you see in latin letters (romaji), from left to right, before the character reaches the end of the line. After enough good answers, more diverse hiraganas will be presented. Every time you make a mistake, more of that character you had wrong will be presented to you.

It's very rough, but it works !
More updates soon, as I will need it for my kanji list revisions. So stay tuned.

(windows only, mac and linux builds possible if needed)